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What is Affiliate Marketing?


Affiliate Marketing is great for the individual who has no products
of their own, yet doesn’t wish to get tied down to marketing the
products or services of just one company.

Affiliate Marketing is creating a sales relationship with individuals
or companies whose products or services you would like to offer to
others. It is very much like being a sales rep in a brick and mortar
business. The difference on the net is that a person can create as
many affiliate marketing relationships as they want.

Becoming an affiliate for a product or service is usually free. Some
companies may require that you purchase the product or service yourself
before they will let you sell it to others, however.

Compensation for making a sale is offered as either a percentage of
the purchase price of the products or a flat fee per product. In some
affiliate relationships, you are also paid a percentage or fee for
the sales of anyone who you introduce to the company who becomes an
affiliate. This is called a two-tier system.

At BetterWebBuilder, you can become a free affiliate and earn on those
who choose to purchase the products. Products include bronze, silver
and gold marketing packages, as well as other products which can
generate an income, such as leads, multi-media info products and websites.

In addition, you can receive compensation on up to seven levels of affiliates,
depending on your level (bronze, silver or gold) in the compensation plan. A
seven-tier payout is unheard of in the industry, but not at BetterWebBuilder.
And the best news is, the gold package is only $30 per month, and qualifies
you to earn on seven levels.

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The Challenges of Affiliate Marketing

When you become an affiliate, you will be supplied with all of the
necessary materials to advertise the product, including but not
limited to: banners, e-mail letters, sales pages, capture pages, and
even (with some) articles to submit to ezines, classified ads, pay
per click ads and more. This is one of the best benefits.

From there, you are essentially on your own. You have to find the
ways to get this information out on the web, and develop your own
systems for disseminating the information and advertising. This is
the biggest drawback to affiliate marketing, especially for the

The other challenge with affiliate marketing is continuity of income.
As long as you are actively marketing, your income can be very good.
But the minute you quit promoting the product(s), the sales are over.
In addition, the costs of marketing can be very high in relationship
to the income — the “return on investment” (ROI).

And lastly, the product(s) which are selling well today could be
totally unmarketable tomorrow. The net is constantly in flux and the
next “newest, hottest thing” is always just over the horizon.

At BetterWebBuilder, you receive all of the benefits of an affiliate
relationship, plus all of the benefits of a network marketing business

There is weekly training, offering information on methods to get the
word out. You become part of a team of members who are also working
with you to help you discover ways to market online and offline.

But the biggest benefit at BetterWebBuilder is the continuing residual
income you receive from your members monthly purchases of marketing
packages. Your income does not end after the sale, it is only beginning.

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What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is the newest and most descriptive term for what many
of us know as “multi-level marketing” or MLM. I can predict that when
you read those three little letters, you had one of two reactions —
extremely negative or extremely positive. But read on . . . Network
Marketing has evolved and since the advent of the internet, has
become the most successful business model ever created.

Network Marketing is a business plan which compensates those who choose
to join with a company and promote both the products/services of that
company AND the business opportunity itself. In some respects it very
much resembles having a business franchise, yet being able to also sell
those franchises to others.

Network Marketing compensation is determined in many ways. There are
many, many variations on the basic multi-level business concept. But in
most, you are compensated for the volume of business you do, as well as
for the business volume of people you sponsor into the business.

This “personal line of sponsorship” can extend for many “levels” with
each level containing the recruited members of the person above them.
For instance you are level 0, everyone you recruit is level 1, everyone
they recruit is level 2 and so on.

This makes it possible for one person (you) to be able to receive a
percentage on the sales of hundreds or even thousands of other members.
This basic concept has been taken to great heights and a huge volume
could be written about the hundreds of compensation plans out there.

At BetterWebBuilder they have combined the best features of network
marketing with affiliate marketing to create a hybrid system that gives
you the flexibility to create a model that works for you.

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The Benefits of Network Marketing?

Two words are sufficient to explain the biggest benefit of Network
Marketing and they are: residual income. Network Marketing is the only
business model where it is possible to reach a point where you can
slow down or even quit marketing and have your income continue and even

The reputation that Network Marketing received in the past centered
around a problem which has been eliminated with the internet — the
lack of people to market to. No longer do network marketers have to go
to every family member, friend, or acquaintance and struggle with
quotas and tons of inventory in their garages.

Yet Network Marketing is still a “people business” and team building
is necessary and challenging to many. The most successful network
marketers will tell you that the only way to succeed is to utilize an
automated system that creates leads and follows up with them.

With a system in place that can be duplicated for each and every person
who joins their team, the sky is literally the limit. Network marketing
has created more millionaires than every other method combined in the
last decade. And it is the only one in which your success can create
success for others, which in turn creates more success for you.

At BetterWebBuilder they have combined the best features of network
marketing with affiliate marketing to create a hybrid system that gives
you the flexibility to create a model that works for you. AND they have
the system in place to successfully automate every aspect of your business.

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