How to create group and manage on right way to be successefull online?

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i from many years online marketer and i create a many groups or pages sites or blogs

byt i want to share and tell how i get really good results for me just to create my groups on rigt way on right place

1 Join for free can conect whit facebook profile just click byton and will create profil conecting whit facebook 1 one click action

or fill sign ups form whit email adress and confirm it

2  Create group

give some informatcion about group on people

tell for what is what want or what i starget or goal on group or people

for what is what comunity and what will be dispute

3 Invite people to the group

4 promote group

social media

advertising sites

creating blogs blogiing about group post to page or just give enofgt backlinks

5 be active and talk clear whit people

explain good group rule

manage good delete negative posts or coments

and populiarize good positive posts or coments

one example for good group i create and manage