Information is King . . . Why?

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November 2008 was the first time in history that the sales of
information products overtook the revenue of gambling on the

By February 2010, the sale of information on the internet
overtook the sales of gambling and the ‘adult’ industry combined.

So why does information sell so well on the internet?

– it is instantly accessible/downloadable to the purchaser
– it can be easily updated
– it can be sold relatively inexpensively as it is easy to distribute
– people are desperate to find a solutions for their problems or to
learn better ways to live their lives

The best information products to sell are those which:

– will solve a problem and/or educate someone about an immediate need.
– will solve a future problem — for instance, how to secure your home,
live healthily etc.

The former sells far better than the latter because when someone has
an immediate need, it is more likely that the information you provide
to fill that need will sell immediately. However, both types of
information answer the more basic question, “How Can I . . .?”

The purchase of information about a future need will often follow when
the need becomes more immediate. To secure information product customers
in this group, a good system of follow-up must be in place. So when they
are ready to buy, you will be ready to fill their needs.

BetterWebBuilder offers information products in a wide variety of ways,
but most importantly provides a system to distribute this information.

To get the system that provides you with the tools to develop a list of
prospective customers, follow up with them on a continuing basis and most
importantly provide all of the information and instruction to do so, we
found BetterWebBuilder fits the description to a “t”.

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