What is Affiliate Marketing?

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Affiliate Marketing is great for the individual who has no products
of their own, yet doesn’t wish to get tied down to marketing the
products or services of just one company.

Affiliate Marketing is creating a sales relationship with individuals
or companies whose products or services you would like to offer to
others. It is very much like being a sales rep in a brick and mortar
business. The difference on the net is that a person can create as
many affiliate marketing relationships as they want.

Becoming an affiliate for a product or service is usually free. Some
companies may require that you purchase the product or service yourself
before they will let you sell it to others, however.

Compensation for making a sale is offered as either a percentage of
the purchase price of the products or a flat fee per product. In some
affiliate relationships, you are also paid a percentage or fee for
the sales of anyone who you introduce to the company who becomes an
affiliate. This is called a two-tier system.

At BetterWebBuilder, you can become a free affiliate and earn on those
who choose to purchase the products. Products include bronze, silver
and gold marketing packages, as well as other products which can
generate an income, such as leads, multi-media info products and websites.

In addition, you can receive compensation on up to seven levels of affiliates,
depending on your level (bronze, silver or gold) in the compensation plan. A
seven-tier payout is unheard of in the industry, but not at BetterWebBuilder.
And the best news is, the gold package is only $30 per month, and qualifies
you to earn on seven levels.

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