What is Network Marketing?

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Network Marketing is the newest and most descriptive term for what many
of us know as “multi-level marketing” or MLM. I can predict that when
you read those three little letters, you had one of two reactions —
extremely negative or extremely positive. But read on . . . Network
Marketing has evolved and since the advent of the internet, has
become the most successful business model ever created.

Network Marketing is a business plan which compensates those who choose
to join with a company and promote both the products/services of that
company AND the business opportunity itself. In some respects it very
much resembles having a business franchise, yet being able to also sell
those franchises to others.

Network Marketing compensation is determined in many ways. There are
many, many variations on the basic multi-level business concept. But in
most, you are compensated for the volume of business you do, as well as
for the business volume of people you sponsor into the business.

This “personal line of sponsorship” can extend for many “levels” with
each level containing the recruited members of the person above them.
For instance you are level 0, everyone you recruit is level 1, everyone
they recruit is level 2 and so on.

This makes it possible for one person (you) to be able to receive a
percentage on the sales of hundreds or even thousands of other members.
This basic concept has been taken to great heights and a huge volume
could be written about the hundreds of compensation plans out there.

At BetterWebBuilder they have combined the best features of network
marketing with affiliate marketing to create a hybrid system that gives
you the flexibility to create a model that works for you.

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